Ansley Turns Six

My oldest child, Ansley, turns six today. She is an amazing sister and an amazing daughter. 

She is smart.

She is kind.

She is a perfectionist. 

While we weren’t able to have a party for her this year to celebrate, we did have a mini celebration at the house with our growing family.

She loved it anyway!

A few of her accomplishments this year:

  • She’s shown an interest in writing in cursive. Not sure where this interest came from because they don’t teach this in school.
  • She finished her first year of school (Kindergarten) and Girl Scouts.
  • She has a love for swimming. 
  • She knows how to do the splits and was invited to the banana split party for dance!
  • She refuses to wear dresses unless bribed. 

  • Grandma taught her how to hoola hoop. She can do it for 100 seconds!
  • She is a perfectionist and if she tries multiple times and still can’t comprehend the task, she will have a mental breakdown.
  • For some reason, she can’t seem to keep her food on her plate – it ends up all over the floor.
  • She knows how to add, subtract and multiply!
  • She loves crafts – so much so, my craft room is always a hot mess because of her!
  • She blames Aubrey for anything and everything.
  • She loves the color purple and anything rainbow.
  • She can be sweet and sassy.
  • We are the hardest on her as parents.

We love you so much Ansley!

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