Ansley Turns Seven

This is our annual open letter to our daughter on her birthday:

Dear Ansley,

We cannot believe you are turning the lucky number seven. As the oldest daughter, you take after Dad and I when it comes to being strong willed. You definitely get your wit from your dad. Oh, the funny things you say without even meaning to be funny. On this seventh year of your life, we hope that it is filled with joy, happiness and wonderment.

Dresses are not your jam. But you’ll wear anything with the Justice tag. I’ll never understand the poop emoji trend.

Home Life

With three others in the house, I know we’ve been tougher with the other littles around. However, you take it in stride and showcase your Mother Hen ways. You are so good with Conrad and Lorelei!

I will forever keep the firetruck you drew for Conrad that’s now hanging in his room. You have a creative gene.


You’ve learned to read on your own fairly quickly! At your first grade program, you did an amazing job with your four lines! I still remember practice for hours on the drive to school. You’ve made some amazing friends that I also adore!


You are also amazing at gymnastics. I’m glad we were able to find you an activity you absolutely LOVE. Soccer was a little tougher on you this year, but you finally scored a goal with this harder team.

You absolutely love sweets. I’m not sure how one kid can eat a whole spoon of icing without batting an eye.


This year, you also donated your hair in January to Wigs for Kids!


We love you so much and hope you LOVE transitioning into this next phase of your life!


Mom and Dad


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