What to Carry in Diaper Bag for Newborn

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I cannot believe my baby girl will be 10 weeks old this Sunday!

I’m going to be honest – I am so glad that I was not pregnant in this brutal Midwest summer heat. I’ve been stocking up on some vitaminwater zero to keep me hydrated this summer as I go around town with my new shopping partner.

My little Lorelei growing up is a subtle reminder that I should be working towards to pre-pregnancy weight! While I do love and celebrate my body being a vessel that graciously transported my four babies, I do want to get more active before I go back to work full-time!

My fourth, and hopefully last, baby is definitely the fussiest one out of all of them! So we go on a lot of outings just so that I can keep my sanity and not be cooped up with a newborn all day. This alone allows me to get my goal of 10,000 steps in. While we can’t be outside in this heat for too long, we are able to shop (or window shop) in the comfort of air conditioned stores. But that means that I have to be prepared for everything and anything that could happen when I’m out with a newborn.

I wanted to share with you what I keep in my diaper bag during these outings. I will admit, with my first kid, I carried basically my whole house during our trips out. These days, this experienced momma is all about the minimalist approach. The goal is to be able to quickly get in and out of this crazy heat without a lot of baggage (literally).

This is one of my favorite diaper bags – this is with me and my boy Conrad! I love how it is formed to sit up when I put it down!

You would never guess it was a diaper bag, right? 

What to Carry in a Diaper Bag for a Newborn

Diapers. This is stating the obvious, but I would bring about 4-5 diapers. Newborns get wet a lot! And they can get really fussy if they feel as though they are wet!

Wipes. I keep some not only in my diaper bag, but also the car. They are just so handy even without a newborn!

Bottles or Nursing Cover. Depending on whether you are formula feeding or breastfeeding, having food on hand is a must! Often times, I will pump prior to the outing just so that I can have a bottle with me rather than having to nurse.

Pacifiers. Even if your baby won’t take it, bring one just in case. You can’t believe how often my little Lorelei (who hates pacifiers) would take one in the store!

Extra Onesies. Trust me on this one, you don’t want to be caught with baby and a blowout without any clothes. Let’s just say I’ve had to make a Target run for some baby clothes!

Pain Reliever (for Mom). Headaches can come out of nowhere. I come prepared.

Wallet, Keys, Phone. Again, stating the obvious here.

Detangle Brush. Often times, I’ll be carrying baby with my hair down and she’ll grab my hair and not let go. Having a brush on hand may make you look more put together when your baby decides to cause a ruckus with your look!

vitaminwater. In this heat especially, I need to stay hydrated!Since I’m nursing my baby, it is even more important for me to take care that I’m getting enough fluids to sustain my milk supply.

Hydration is super important for maintaining active and healthy lifestyles, especially for a mom who just had her baby! With the 24/7 hustle of managing a household of four babies, vitaminwater zero provides a sugar-free great tasting drink that includes vitamins and electrolytes (my favorite is the power-c flavor).

You can purchase vitaminwater at Target and get 15% off a 20oz bottle by:

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So there you have it, that’s my diaper bag in a nutshell – enough items to take care of me and baby on our outings!

Check out other ideas and tips on how to stay hydrated with vitaminwater.



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