Valentine’s Day Gifts for Mom from Daughter

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My mom always had these euphemism that I didn’t quite understand growing up. She kept saying, “Wait until you have kids…”

Boy, do I understand now.

valentines day gift for mom from daughter

When I first became a mother, it was the most amazing feeling in the world, but also the most terrifying. Everything that my mom told me that I would experience, I have experienced. However, my mom been by my side along the way cheering me on, even with my fourth child. While she does live an hour away in the same city, we still find time to talk almost EVERY SINGLE DAY. Is that crazy?

My mom is my secret valentine this year because I now realize as a working mom myself, how much she went through raising me and my brother. She always had breakfast on the table in the morning as she packed our bags up for school. I remember always having a warmed, home cooked meal after coming home from school.

valentines day gift for mom from daughter

I remember whining to her as a teenager on why I had to peel garlic for her while she was making us dinner or why I had to help with putting away dishes in the dishwasher. Looking back on it, I was such a brat for saying such a thing! My weeknights are pretty crazy, so I can only imagine what my mom was going through with her one hour commute each way to work with the pressure of cooking us dinner every night!

valentines day gift for mom from daughter

To show her how much I love her and appreciate all she has done for me as a child growing up, I got her James Avery pearl post earrings because it provides me the ability to customize the piece to uniquely match the sentiments I want to convey.

valentines day gift for mom from daughter

Mom, I love you so much and THANK YOU for always being amazing! Thanks for being there now as a rear my four kids and emulate all that you have done! Love comes in many forms, and I choose you as one of my Valentine’s this year and every year!

valentines day gift for mom from daughter


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