Evereve Trendsend Review (Comparing to Stitch Fix)

Today, I’m sharing with you my Evereve Trendsend Review that I’ve been waiting to do for a while now!

trendsend review

Subscription boxes like Evereve’s Trendsend and Stitch Fix has been a time and sanity saver for me. For most moms, the thought of going clothes shopping for yourself with the kids is a nightmare. Personally, I have clothing shopped with three kids and will never do it again. Why? Juggling the kids while trying to find the right size and figuring out how to get all of the kids in the dressing room – OMG.

As a solution, I’ve turned to subscription boxes after being convinced by a few other moms. I’ve been a huge fan of Stitch Fix so far, but I wanted to try out Evereve’s Trendsend subscription box to compare quality and cost. I wanted to share with you some of the pieces that I got in my first box from Trendsend and differences from Stitch Fix.

No Styling Fee with Trendsend

Trendsend has no styling fee nor return fees. I also feel like they give you more items in the box, which makes choosing what to keep harder (you’ll see why in a minute). With no additional fees, there’s no risk in trying Trendsend as compared to Stitch Fix. Stitch Fix has a $20 styling fee, so for every box, you kind of want to keep “something” even if you didn’t necessarily want to. I have found during certain times of the year, Stitch Fix will waive the styling fee (this year, it was in February for Valentine’s Day).

trendsend reviewPaisley Top // Decision: Return (not a fan of the pattern)

Trendsend’s Higher Price Point

I knew going into this that the price point was a little higher for Trendsend. Their clothes are super cute and trendy with their selection tailored for stylish moms. One obvious difference between Trendsend and Stitch Fix is that their clothes are a tad higher quality than those of Stitch Fix (when taking into account similar price points that Stitch Fix sends vs. Trendsend). 

Fringe Top // Decision: Keep (loved the quality and the color)

For example, this ruffle cardigan from Trendsend was $88. Comparing that to a similar item Stitch Fix gave me, their cardigan was $69. I ultimately kept Trendsend’s because of the color and quality.

Exchanges at Physical Store Locations

Evereve has physical store locations that actually pick out your subscription box for you.  They are super cute boutique stores that have an amazing selection. The best part about using Trendsend? You can go into the store and exchange the items if you wanted to (if you have one in town). The other downside is that if you have an Evereve store in your state, you have to pay sales tax!

With Stitch Fix, there are no exchanges.

For example, I went into the store because I wanted to exchange these grey jeans I was sent. Sadly, they didn’t have any or else I would have kept them!

Grey Jeans // Decision: Return (they were way too long; loved the quality)

Shipment Timing

With Stitch Fix, there was always a 2-3 week window in which you can order a box and have it shipped to you. With Evereve, my experience has been I would get a box shipped out within 48 hours. 


The quality of Trendsend’s clothes is on point. You can feel the difference in the fabric of the clothes, which definitely goes to my point about the higher price point – you get what you pay for.

trendsend reviewTop // Decision: Return (didn’t like the color)


Stitch Fix offers a 25% discount if you keep the entire box. Trendsend has no discount. However, Trendsend will send you items that are on sale or discounted if you ask!

trendsend reviewTop // Decision: Return (I liked it, but didn’t like the price.)

Checkout Process

With Trendsend, the process wasn’t as intuitive as Stitch Fix’s process. With both clothing subscription services, you can check out online. However, Stitch Fix has a pretty user friendly app you can check out with along with a photo of each item and rating. I prefer the checkout process with Stitch Fix.

Pocket Tee // Decision: Keep (love love love the top)


It took me several boxes for my Stitch Fix stylist to figure me out. So, I have to give Trendsend a little bit of a break here. The stylist got half of the box right. The other half not so much. For example, I would never wear these pants out in public – completely not my style.

What I have been told is that the stylist is typically a store clerk from a surrounding city near by picking your clothes. So I’m not sure if a “stylist” is just a retail store clerk, but hey, they got half of it right.

trendsend reviewJogger Pants // Decision: Return

Overall Trendsend Review vs. Stitchfix Decision

While the quality of the clothes was beyond that of Stitch Fix, I just can’t get over the cost of each piece. If I really asked myself deep down what I really want in a subscription box, I would want an entire box that I could keep that was under the $250 threshold. 

Overall, while I did keep a few of the pieces (which I do wear quite frequently), it’s one of those subscription boxes that I would order for special occasions or when I wanted to stray from Stitch Fix. For now, Stitch Fix will be my main subscription box. 

Try Evereve’s Trendsend today since it won’t cost you a styling fee. But if you want something that is tried and true, try Stitch Fix.

And if you are pregnant, try Stitch Fix for maternity wear. I did a video on my unboxing for maternity clothes below.

What’s your favorite subscription box for clothes?

evereve trendsend review

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