Tieks Review – Five Reasons Why I Love My Tieks

I’m picky about my shoes, real picky. Not in a fashionista kind of way. I want my shoes to be COMFORTABLE, but cute. Why oh why has no one ever told me about Tieks before?!

tieks review my

Comfort is number one on the list of must haves when it comes to shoes. Yeah, I want to look cute. But cute gets tossed out the window when you are a mom of three and always on the go. I’m prone on getting blisters on the back of my heels with any kind of shoe. Often times, to wear in a shoe, I’ll put on a bandage on the back of my heel for a whole month to wear in the shoe. 

After attending a blogging conference, I was gifted a $100 gift card to purchase a pair of Tieks. Unbeknownst to me at the time, that would only cover less than half of the cost of a pair of Tieks. Yes they were expensive.  After talking to a few friends who swore by them, I bit the bullet and categorized it in my head as an “investment” to my feet 🙂 Well, I ended up paying full price for TWO more because I loved them that much.

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Let me just say after a full year of owning them, I LOVE them. Like head over heels in love (see what I did there, pun). I’m on my way to purchasing a fourth one. That’s not to say that I’m a Tieks snob, I’d happily buy another brand if they were as comfortable as these.

Here are my five reasons why I love Tieks

1. One time at work, I forgot my gym shoes. I was highly motivated to work out that day. I decided to wear my Tieks on the elliptical. No joke. I was pain free after the work out. (Work out at your own risk. Obviously, they shouldn’t be used to work out. Just showcasing that it was comfy.)

tieks review ballet shoes

2. On all of my shoes, the toe always gets scuffed. Always. It was no different with my Tieks. Since the black matte pair was real leather, I took it to a shoe shop. For $15, my Tieks came out looking brand spanking new. Felt like I got a new pair.

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3. During my pregnancy of my third child, he gave me cankles. And HUGE feet. I mean, they BALLOONED. Like horribly. My sneakers never fit. My cute flip flops HARDLY FIT.  But you know what did – and did comfortably?? My Tieks. Pregnant ladies should own a pair of Tieks. For realz.

tieks review ballet flats_0001

4. These flats go with almost everything and are work appropriate! I wear them almost daily. I am no fashionista, but I will say that I wanted Tieks that could go with black tones as well as brown tones. Hence, my investment in the matte black and metallic gold. I do not regret my purchase of either of them (can you tell yet?). What I do regret are wedges that I purchased off of eBay (don’t you ever do this. Ever.).

Not only do I wear these to my corporate job and during my pregnancies, I also wear them when I’m shooting portraits and weddings (my second job/hobby). That means, I’m on my feet ALL DAY with them. They are AMAZING. I am not lying. I’m telling you, if you see my on the street, chances are I’ll have one of my two pairs of Tieks on. I love them THAT much. Tory Burch may be a tad cuter, it has nothing on the comfort of Tieks.

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5. You get a cute bow and the customer service is ON POINT. I had a question about my order, and they promptly replied. It was a user error (meaning me), but they were so nice and friendly in the email that it made it sound like it was their fault (but actually my fault). Customer service at its finest.
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My Final Tieks Review and Thoughts

Basically, I love them. I would buy five more pairs if I had the money!

In full disclosure, I will say that my first pair did take about three days to “wear” in. Meaning, my feet were a little sore the first two days of wearing them ALL DAY. With the second pair, I learned to wear them around the house for a few days before actually going for a FULL days adventure in them was the smarter move. The second pair were perfect the first day I decided to wear them DURING  A WEDDING PHOTO GIG! No blisters!

Another suggestion I would have for you is to spray your feet with aerosol deodorant of you get stinky feet when wearing flats without socks. I spray my feet with aerosol deodorant (yep, the under the arm pit kind) every day. It does WONDERS. I’ve tried those teeny tiny “hide your sock” socks, but they always bunch up on me and I end up throwing them away in a trash can somewhere. Aerosol deodorant was the best idea I’ve ever had. No more stinky feet with flats y’all!

P.S. If you are looking for discounts, don’t. I’ve looked everywhere and there aren’t any discounts or sales on these. Like ever.   But that’s okay, they are that amazing and totally worth it. Seriously, you should just take out your credit card now and buy a pair by clicking here to visit tieks.com now! They are AH-MAZING!

tieks review all colors

I HIGHLY recommend them! Hope you loved my Tieks review! Check out my Toms versus Tieks review or my best gift for the bride in your life if you need more convincing.

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  1. I agree, Size UP!! I have average 7.5 feet. Never do I wear an 8, but didn’t want them too tight so went for an 8. Perfect. Love my tieks!!! Also notice the “patents” run a tad smaller and take longer to break in, but are worth the effort because they are much more indestructible.

  2. Great review of these super comfy flats. I still remember the first time I was walking behind a women that was wearing a pair. I was struck by the awesomeness of those cute blue soles. After some research I learned the cute blue sole was only part of what made them so amazing. They are also comfy and cute. I finally bought myself a pair.

    Thanks for sharing your Tieks review.

  3. Size up! I’m a narrow 7.5. Took their advice, sized down to 7, and they were way too small. (Top view= unflattering toe cleavage. Side view= Shallow cut. Not enough coverage. The pale soles of my feet are peaking out over the leather.) Waiting on a pair of 8s now.

  4. I’m REALLY trying to decide if I should go up or down a size because I am a 1/2 size. The site says size down. I don’t have wide feet but I’m nervous about choosing wrong. Do you have any advice on sizing up or down?
    Thanks! 🙂

    1. I’d advise to size UP! I have narrow, skinny feet and I’ve always sized down. I ordered my tieks in a 7 (I’m normally 7.5). At first, they were great! A little tight but I figured they’d stretch. A few days afterwards, I had an ingrown toenail. I NEVER get ingrown toenails. I’ve noticed that every time I wear my tieks for a day, I get an ingrown toenail. I tried for days to stretch them – using a hair dryer and wearing two pairs of socks. I’ve had little luck. I was able to find nude colored no-see socks for them that helps, but honestly they hurt my feet. I have very high arches and I guess flats are just not for me.
      Anyway, my advise is to size up 😄

    2. I would also advise as a size UP for sure! My feet are wide. I am also normally a 7.5 and I ordered an 8 right out the gate. They fit perfect!!

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