Swimming Lessons and Swim Wear

I have a confession.

I like the beach and the pool, but even at age 34, I still don’t know how to swim. 

I’ve tried. For realz. I almost drowned in my university’s pool. 

That’s why I’m having my girls take swim lessons. So they know how to swim. Ansley has started since she was a year old. She’s six now, and she is getting better. I think what’s holding our girls’ back from swimming is that we are not near water all that often. Most of their friends have pools and/or lake houses, so they’ve learned to swim at an early age.

Also, with two younger siblings, it makes it that much harder to take both of them very often. Once their siblings get older, I may corale all of them together and maybe we’ll ALL learn how to swim together.

I’ve been trying to find areas for small time-savings. I found these cute cover-ups for their swimsuits on hatley.com, a super cute boutique store that has an area also dedicated to children. This saves us time from having the girls change into their swimsuit and out of it afterwards. Aren’t these cover-ups adorbs? Check out their lineup of swimwear for girls here.

What age did your kids learn how to swim?

Aubrey’s Seahorse Swim Dress Cover-Up
Ansley’s Sweet Mermaid Swim Dress Cover-Up


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