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These past few months of my body in a constant state of flux has gotten me all flustered. After having my fourth beautiful child, I could no longer fit in some of my beloved wardrobe. I was and still am heart broken.

Yes, I had my gorgeous babies, but let’s be real folks. My post-maternity body had things hanging where they shouldn’t be, I went up a size, and my body is still changing on a daily basis. While I never expected to have the body I had before, I just needed an interim solution to my dilemma.

What I needed was a way for me to shop for clothes that fit me better without taking away precious time that I didn’t have. I had head of having a personal stylist online. However, I hated the idea of just having someone shop for me initially. I mean, how could someone know what my tastes were.

That all changed for me when I saw my coworker coming into work looking cute without ever having to shop in a store. She told me all about Stitch Fix and today, I’m on my 12th fix!

personal stylist online

This is how it works. You answer a few questions about your body type and style. You schedule a fix (on demand or on a schedule). Each fix is $20, which can be used as a credit if you keep something from the fix. If you don’t want any of it, you are just out $20. If you are signing up for the first time, you can get your fee waived.

I love how I can partner with my stylist Alison to find pieces to help dress my post-maternity body! The biggest tip that my coworker told me was “to just try it on”. Sometimes, the stylist will send me something that makes me step out of my comfort zone and I’ll make a face at it when I take it out of the box. More often than not, the item was perfect once I tried it on and used the style card! Yes, did I mention you get a style card that provides you with various ways to style the outfit?

This service has made my life a little easier, while making me feel great at the same time. Running four littles around to their extracurriculars and getting them here and there makes it hard to find me time to even shop in person. Moreover, I work outside the home as an IT project manager, so making sure that I stock up on statement pieces that also pass corporate conformity is key. I love working with my stylist to prepare my look for the next big presentation.

P.S. Secret tip: Once you get the subscription box notice that it’s shipped, you can “pretend” to checkout on the app to take a sneak peek at what your stylist sent you. Sssshhhhhh!!!

personal stylist online

You’ve got nothing to lose – sign up for your first Stitch Fix here and my readers will get their $20 fix waived! Below, I’m sharing my latest fix!

Brand: Splendid // Item: Madison Ave French Terry Sweatshirt

This top was super comfy! I love how the sleeves have a tie on the end! The style sheet said to pair it with maroon knits, and I had some in my closet! Super cute to do errands and running in!

personal stylist online sweatshirt

personal stylist online stitch fix

Brand: Cupcakes and Cashmere // Item: Marcey Knit Moto Jacket
Brand: Level 99 // Item: Primrose Skinny Jean

This bomber jacket is so freaking adorable! It was super soft and high quality based on how many layers there were. I loved this soooo much! My stylist knew how much I loved blush and pinks, so she always adds this color in there for me. 

As far as the jeans, they were okay. They fit perfectly, but the material wasn’t a true denim, so I couldn’t justify spending a benjamin on a pair – which is totally okay!

personal stylist online stitch fix fix

stitch fix review personal stylist online

Brand: Loveapella // Item: Torri Knit Maxi Dress

I seriously needed a maxi dress for a wedding. This was the cutest dress with cute prints! I paired it with a blazer that was part of another Fix I got a few months back. I love how cute these both look together!

stitchfix outfit

Brand: Toms // Item: Lunata Suede Bootie

These booties are so stinking adorable! I already had a pair of brown boots, so these will be returned for sure. However, if I didn’t have them, these would be the first ones I wold get! And they are so very comfortable!

how many stitch fixes

Have you ever tried Stitch Fix? If not, try it today – save yourself some time at the store! You’ll thank me for having your own personal stylist online. Pin the image below until you are ready to try it!



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