Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

I cannot believe that Easter is just around the corner! This is the first year that all four of our babies are celebrating together. I just can’t believe that my little tribe will be looking for Easter eggs together!

These days, I’m more cognizant of how much candy I’m giving my kids as it relates to gifts. It seems like halloween is the catalyst of all things candy in the months after. The candy giving typically ends with Easter.

I’ve been trying to gift them with more fun and practical gifts this holiday season. Here are FOUR of my favorite items to gift in Easter baskets for kids.

Swim Suits. You know that the sun is right around the corner. Why not get them a new suit to start the season off right? Get them some beach towels and swimming pool gear while you are at it!

Toy Egg Surprises. I will never get over how much kids love watching other kids open these eggs on YouTube. Get them one of their own!

Personalized Book with their Picture. OMG. These books are the cutest! I mean, just look at my little boy’s face on the cover and in the pages! These is definitely a keepsake.

They have a huge line – so it’s not just for Easter! If you have a birthday coming up, this would be a great book to have for your kiddo! To see themselves in a book is wondrous in itself.

And if your kiddo loves reading the same book over and over again at night, they have bedtime stories that you can personalize as well!

And there doesn’t have to be a picture. They’ve got cute coloring books and stickers that can be personalized as well.

Art Craft. I found these little wood cutouts at Wally World and I know my kids will have a blast decorating. What’s great is that you then have some home decor for next year to display for Easter!

Check out my milk jug easter post as well as DIY mason jar easter craft ideas for more fun with your kids!


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