Mother’s Day Gifts for Busy Moms from Amazon and Target

Let’s face it. Mom’s are busy. If you have a busy mom in your life, chances are she’d be thrilled at the thought of a present that gives her back just a little bit of time in her life. I know, it’s taboo to give a mom a utensil or cleaning device for Mother’s Day. As long as you don’t do it every year, there is no harm it it. Write her a card and tell her the REASON you are giving it to her – and she will be thrilled because it’s the thought that counts. 

Something to the effect of: “You are the best mom ever. I know how hard you work to make everything go smoothly for our family. I wanted to give you the gift of precious time back – so I bought you [insert one of the products below] because I adore you and need you to take some time for yourself!”

Check out my guide below for gifts from Amazon and Target – not only does this list benefit the busy mom you are shopping for, but it also saves YOU time because both offer free shipping (with a Prime membership or a Target Red Card). As a busy mom myself, I would totally appreciate ANY of these gifts (even if they are kitchen utensils and cleaning products). That just means you are making my life that much easier!

Ultimate Guide for Gifts for Busy Moms from Amazon

Bissell 1940 PowerFresh Steam Mop – This thing is amazing. Just take a look at their 8,000+ reviews. All it needs is water, and it will take all the grime off her hardwood floors. It’s under $100 – and she will definitely appreciate it.

bissell steam mop for working mom

iRobot Braava 380t – This is a robot that is a set it and forget it. While it is slow, it does provide your mom one less thing she has to do – which is mop! It does an amazing job at cleaning hardwood floors. Check out my review of this robot mop for yourself!

irobot braava saves mom time

GoWise Electric Air Fryer – I’ve heard this thing is amazing first hand. You can “fry” french fries, sweet potato fries all by spraying a little olive oil on the veggie/meat – and it comes out crispy without having to douse it in oil! That means clean up time from “frying” is zilch!

go wise air fryer for busy mom gift

Instant Pot – OMG. This thing is a slow cooker, pressure cooker, yogurt maker all in one. Seriously. She will LOVE this. There is a whole cult (kidding, not really though) around this pressure cooker. It will save her a HUGE amount of time. Check out my review of the Instant Pot and how I cooked SPAGHETTI with it!

instant pot for working mom gift ideas

Hunter Boots – These boots are AMAZING to have during the spring and fall. When your mom is watching your soccer tournaments that might be in the wet grass n the spring, these boots will keep her warm and dry. These are made of real leather and are amazingly cute!


Ultimate Guide for Gifts for Busy Moms from Target

Apple Watch – I was completely against this at first, but realized how amazing it was once another mom told me all the reasons why it is so helpful. For example, her phone might be in her purse waiting for an important call from you. If her hands are full, she won’t be able to get to it, but she will at least know who is calling because it is on her wrist! This Apple Watch would definitely be a time saver!

apple watch as a gift for busy working mom

Beats Wireless Over-Ear Headphones – Let’s face it – if your mom has lots of kids, it is probably noisy in the house. These headphones are incredibly comfortable. They’ll let her listen to her podcast while tuning out the craziness in her home when she just needs a little break.

headphones for mom

KitchenAid Mixer – This brand’s mixer line has various attachments that can also be purchased if she wants to make her own pasta or even ice cream!

kitchen aid mixer for mother's day gift

Beachwaver Curling Iron – Before you freak out on why you would spend over $100 on a curling iron, its one of those things that your mom (if she were frugal) would never spend on herself. This is a curling iron that will let the mom who doesn’t know how to do hair actually do hair well!! I just got this and am so impressed by how easy it was to curl my hair – and I’m TERRIBLE at it!

beachwaver for busy mom

Keurig Coffee Machine – Does your mom love coffee? This provides the convenience of a single serve with just a single button right before she heads out the door in the morning. Give her that gift of time back from scooping up coffee grinds!

keurig for busy mom gift ideas

These are my top ten picks. As a busy working mom of three (one on the way), you can bet I’d be smiling ear to ear if one of my kids (or husband) wrapped these up for me for Mother’s Day. She’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness of trying to save her precious time so she can spend it more with you!

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This is the ultimate gift guide for the busy working mom for Mother's Day. This Mother's Day Gift Guide provides the gift of a little extra time with time-saving presents that make every day a little easier. These are thoughtful gifts for mom!


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