Gifts for 7 Year Old Girls

I have a first grade and a second grade girl this year. I asked them to help you guys out for Christmas ideas for parents who have no idea what to get their 7 year old!

You know what’s exciting? When your kids can finally communicate to you what they want and why they want it! So, I’m sharing with you some of their favorite things that they shared with me on gifts that any girl their age would absolutely love.

This year, it’s all about unicorns and sequins. Poop emoji stuff is definitely on the way out. Apparently, Num Noms are on the way in. And forget about slime. Apparently, fun foam is where it is at!

Girls this age are excited to use products that provide them the ability to explore textures, experiment with things they’ve learned in school and anything flashy. At this age, they start to develop skills and increased attention spans, so that means crafts are great for them at this age.

Gifts for 7 Year Old Girls

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Gifts for 7 Year Old Girls - This is the ultimate gift guide for a 7 year old girl (for first grade and second graders). You'll be sure to knock your gift giving out of the park with these gifts!

Also, at this age, these kids are loving take photos of themselves! So the Fuji Film camera is definitely on the list of must haves!


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