Toddler Diaper Bag Essentials for Toddlers and Younger Kids

toddler and kid diaper bag essentials for preschoolers

As a mom of four, I have finally figured out how to pack LIGHT when going out. I’m all about minimalism these days. I remember the days when I had one child and packed a ton of stuff on our outings. I saw another experienced mom friend who pretty much laughed when she saw my diaper bag. I NOW get it.

I carry a lot less now that the kids are older! However, I need my bag to be organized.

The Papago JJ Cole bag is amazing because it is backpack style. It is my go to bag that stores all the things I need in an easy way – especially if we are going to the zoo, amusement park or outdoor activity.

toddler and kid diaper bag essentials for preschoolers

toddler and kid diaper bag essentials for preschoolers

While it is not an off the shoulder bag (I guess it could be), its a backpack that makes everything organized. It even has a pocket in the back!

toddler and kid diaper bag essentials for preschoolers

JJ Cole Papago Backpack. This is an amazing diaper bag that doesn’t even look like one! It has SO MANY pockets! And it is beautiful. I took this on a trip to the zoo on a miserably hot day, which would typically mean my shoulders would be raw from carrying a bag. This bag was so comfortable and easy to wear!

toddler and kid diaper bag essentials for preschoolers

toddler and kid diaper bag essentials for preschoolers

This one has a pocket on the back!! So great for storing things you don’t want any one pick pocketing or kids getting into!

Toddler Diaper Bag Essentials for Little Kids and Preschoolers

Diapers and Pullups
Yes, this is definitely a given.

Boogie Wipes or Regular Wipes
Regular wipes will do, but if your kids are out of the diaper phase, having boogie wipes is key because it will let you wipe boogers away faster! They have some sort of formula that makes snot wipe away so fast!

Snot Sucker
Yes, kids get stuffy noses outside of the house. Just having this is handy (I wouldn’t necessarily use it in public, but if I were in my car with the kid, I might try it.)

Snack Bowl
These awesome snack bowls have a tight lid that will not allow loose foods to go splattering everywhere!

Sippy Cup
I didn’t realize how much I needed a sippy cup when I went out to eat then when I went without it. This is essential guys!

Butt Paste
Triple Paste is the best butt paste hands down – its like magical.

Change of Clothes including Socks
There are so many places I’ve been that required socks and my kids had flip flops or sandales on, so I always pack extra socks just in case. Once, I had one of my kids throw up while we were on our way to the zoo. She was fine once she did, but I ended up buying a $30 zoo shirt. Lesson learned.

Hand Sanitizer
Yes – this is also a must.

What do you keep in your diaper bag as a must?


toddler bag essentials


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