Breathable Crib Mattress Review of Newton Baby

Our little Lorelei was born in May of this year. It’s been about six weeks now and we are slowly starting to transition her to her very own room. (Photo Credit Above: Anna-Marie Photography)

My older girls are now sharing a room and she was gifted her middle sister’s room. However, I wanted to upgrade her baby mattress since the other one was about six years old.

After her hospital scare with her, we are taking a lot of detailed precautions that we may have overlooked with the previous two! 

I wanted to find one of the best baby mattresses out there, and I have a winner: Newton Wovenaire Crib Mattress.

The biggest seller to me for this mattress is that it is COMPLETELY washable and hypoallergenic. No foam, no latex, no spring, no glue – babies can breath right through the mattress which can help reduce the risk of suffocation and overheating!

Being able to wash the mattress is a huge win because it will prevent bacteria growth! I don’t even want to think about the bacteria on the six year old mattress we got rid of. The washability of it was important because Lorelei’s hospital stay previously was to rule out the possibility of a bacterial infection – so you can say this need hits close to home.

Since the mattress cover that comes with it is super easy to remove and wash, there is no need to have a sheet for the first 12 months to allow for the breathability benefits. It is also very lightweight and well worth the investment. It is super comfortable. 

Here’s what it looks like on the inside:

My older kids and I smushed our faces on the mattress just to validate whether we could still breath – and we could. My fourth baby LOVES sleeping on her tummy. And at 6 weeks old, she can already flip over from her back to her tummy.

Let’s just say that the breathability of the Newton Wovenaire Mattress gives me peace of mind – I can feel reassured that if she were to rollover, she would be able to breath through the mattress.

Check out Newton Baby’s website or read the reviews on Amazon! Pin the image below!


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