Best Board Game Gifts for Elementary School Kids

With the holidays around the corner, I’m sure a lot of you are looking for some board games that also promote learning! Here are a few that are tried and true that my young kids love!

Favorite Board Games as Presents and Gifts for the Holidays

Qwirkle. It takes a little bit to understand how this game is played, but the name of the game is to try to get a set of shapes all in the same color, or the same shapes of different colors all in a line. Whoever has the most points based off of how many they line up win!

Suspend Junior. You divy out the sticks and everyone gets a chance to put their stick on without dropping any. Everyone gets a turn, using the spinner, it tells you which stick to play!

Zingo. It’s kind of like Bingo for kids, with learning embedded.

Swat a Sight Word. You know your kids will be obsessed with these swatters!

Boggle. In this game, kids will match letter cubes with picture and word cards!

Charade for Kids. Great fun for the whole entire family!

Monopoly Junior. They interchange some of the thigns with an ice cream parlor and skate park!

Clue Junior. Fun strategy game!

What’s My Number? This game allows your kids to learn number patterns, counting activities and calculations!

Bannanagrams for Kids. Spelling and word game!

Tapple. Fun game for the entire family!

Pancake Pileup. This game encourages physical, active play!


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