Baby Registry Favorites: 0 to 3 Months

With my first baby, I’ll be honest – I had other friends who were also having babies and registered for everything THEY registered for. And they were also NEW moms. Let me just say that was not the best strategy. With all the baby products out there for new moms, it can be hard to decide what you TRULY need.

With Conrad’s arrival, I figured I’d share my favorite registry items in a series! For this first edition, I’m focusing on my favorite items from ages newborn to three months. Besides diapers and wipes (which I totally forgot how much you go through with a newborn), these are my picks for what you should have. Some of them are non-essentials, but I’m sharing because I’ve thoroughly enjoyed them.


1. Fisher-Price Snugabunny Cradle ‘N Swing
I can’t say enough about this swing. With my first, we didn’t have this from the get go, and we should have. It solved all of our baby crying problems (okay, 75% of it). It still is going strong with baby number three!

2. Lily Jade Bag
This Elizabeth bag from Lily Jade is amazing! It has removable inserts so that you can change out the bag from a diaper bag to your purse! See my full review on the Elizabeth diaper bag here.


3. Goumikids Newborn Set
I can’t even begin to count the number of times I had to recover and put on those elastic mitts from my previous babies. Conrad was born with very long nails, so I’m thankful that I had the mitts to prevent him from scratching his face! These mitts are amazing because they have velcro and are adjustable. The newborn set also comes with a hat (which was perfect during his hospital stay) as well as little shoes!

4. Veeshee Dreamy Baby Blanket Each of my kids has a “blanky” that they have grown attached to. Ansley had some random blanket with a yellow border that she loves, but it says “baby” on it. Aubrey fell in love with her “Ma Tau” blanky (Ma Tau means Grandma in Laotian) that her grandma gave her. With Conrad, I’m so glad that Veeshee sent their Dreamy Baby Blanket with his name and birthday on it! Its so soft – I’m sure he’ll grow attached to it!


My baby and his dream blanky 🙂 #blankie #blanky #love #newborn #chevron

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5. Blooming Bath
I gave the mister his first bath a few days ago using the Blooming Bath and its AMAZING! With newborns, its so hard holding their head up and washing them at the same time. The Blooming Bath is so versatile and flexible, it let me lean him up against the petals and bath him like in the picture! Love this – wish I had had this for my other kids!


6. Medela Freestyle Pump
With my first two babies, I exclusively pumped at the end of three months. With this baby, I’m going to try my hardest to nurse and pump and go longer than 6 months! This Medela Freestyle Pump has been AMAZING with my first two babies, so it will be my best friend come September again. I love the fact that my hands are free as well as the fact that its not attached to a bag like the other styles Medela has!

7. Wubbanub Pacifiers (with SoothieTM)
These are the cutest pacifiers ever. I know this sounds crazy, but I’ve saved each of my kids’ Wubbanub pacifiers. I plan on somehow making that a display/craft project.

8. Freshly Picked Moccassins
Aren’t these mocc’s the cutest? This is Conrad’s first pair of shoes and I’m definitely going to treasure this pair forever. His sisters also got matching mocc’s that I will showcase in a later post!


9. Summer Infant SwaddleMe Infant Wrap (with Velcro)
If I had to choose between a receiving blanket and these SwaddleMe Wraps, I’d go for the wraps. If you have babies who love to be swaddled, this thing is amazing! It swaddles 100% better than any receiving blanket! Ansley loved it as you can tell from her calm face (left image):

10. Baby Smiles Boutique Onesie
Obviously, not a necessity. But Baby Smiles Boutique has the cutest shirts!! To welcome your newborn into this world, you have to let them make a statement. Here’s his:


11. Covered Goods
The nursing covers from Covered Goods are amazing and also very versatile. It can be used not only as a nursing cover, but a scarf and a carseat cover! Not only that, it wraps around your whole body, not just the front like some other covers.

Here’s a pic of me wearing it as a scarf pre-baby:


They have some new prints in their online store, so make sure you check them out.

12. Boppy Pillow
The Boppy Pillow is a must especially if you are nursing. It can angle your baby better than any pillow can. This was the best thing I could have brought to the hospital when he was first born (check out how I packed my hospital bag here).

What are some of your favorite newborn to three month baby products? 

baby registry favorites 0 to 3 months

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