Baby Bath Time Tips for New Parents

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For a new parent, one of the most memorable moments will be that very first bath with their little. All of my kids when they were little LOVED bath time. Who doesn’t love warm, soapy water on their tush? Bath time is a wonderful bonding experience for you, your spouse and baby!

When they are just born, make sure you follow doctors orders around caring for their umbilical cord. Once they are ready for their first full-on bath, here are some tips that have been tried and true for my own babies. I hope these tips help you in making their first baby baths memorable!

Baby Bath Time Tips for New Parents

Keep a routine. The most frequently asked question I get is, “how did you get your kids to sleep on their own so quickly?” I implement a consistent routine every night once the craziness of the newborn phase settles. For example, I try to time my bath time routine with baby at 7:15 every night with a target of being in the crib by 7:30. 

Use a familiar scent. I love using hypoallergenic Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Bath Calming Lavender. Just as babies can sense when their mom is around, babies can also sense that once they smell lavender, they know it is almost bed time (see first tip). This would be a great gift for any mom, especially with the exclusive desing packaging that’s only available at Target. With no parabens and phthalates, its best for baby standards that all parents have.

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Make raspberries. What parent doesn’t love when their baby sticks out their tongue and make cute razzing sounds? This starts at around the 3-4 month mark. So once your baby starts interacting more, coo right back during bath time by blowing raspberries on their hands and cheeks While this seems like just a fun interaction, it actually provides a great way to start their language, social and motor skills!

Get a baby bath tub. There are plenty of them out on the market, but the one that I’ve used is shaped like a whale. It has a baby stopper insert that prevents slipping and sliding, which is also removable for when baby is older to sit up and play! Make sure you look for one with similar features! Another thing to consider before buying: how much counter space do you have for bath time? As a new parent, I was always told to do it in the kitchen. However, I found with experience that having the tub in their bathroom was way easier!

Keep essential supplies nearby. You need to keep supplies nearby, including a soft blanket, towel with a hood, changing pad, diapers, diaper cream and Johnson’s Baby Lotion near by. Again, think about your counter space. Keeping supplies nearby will make less of a need to frantically grab supplies when baby is mid-bath!

No toys until 8 months. You really don’t need toys until they are about at the 8 month mark! For now as a new parent with their new baby, enjoy the interaction and eye contact!

Number one rule – you should be able to physically touch baby at all times. Keeping your baby safe at all times is the utmost importance!

Keep milestone props around. I know, this sounds weird. However, right after a bath, babies are in this dream-like-happy state of mind. This would be a great time to capture those monthly baby photos! Keep a block with numbers or their numbered onesies around to take those photos!

If you have any expecting friends or family, why not gift them all of these products to make their first bath a success?

Do you think your baby will love bath time? How will you prepare for your baby’s first bath?


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