What to Do with Old Christmas Cards and Holiday Greeting Cards

When Christmas is over, I love collecting my friend’s old Christmas cards and making them into an album every year. With the tradition becoming more of photo cards rather than traditional greeting cards, I hated the idea of throwing my precious friends faces in the trash only after a few days.

So I collect them all after the display for Christmas is over. I’ll be honest though – I don’t display everyone’s cards because I have no more wall space. I do keep them in a bird cage to collect when the year is over. I also collect all the cards throughout the year and make a book out of all the cards we’ve gotten over the last year as a keepsake as well.

Supplies for Christmas Card Photo Book Album

Loose Leaf Binder Rings
Cardstock or Scrapbooking Paper for Covers

Directions on Binding Christmas Cards into a Photo Album

I line up the cards so that the same size cards are nearer to each other.

I set my hole puncher so that it will punch two holes in the smallest cards.

I set my hole puncher with just two holes.

I then add these loose leaf binder rings in the holes.

Create a cute and fun book front and back cover.

Easy peasy!

Crafting doesn’t have to be hard! Pin the image below on your Christmas board!


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