Umbrella Basket for Easter

As an alternative to the standard garden variety basket, I decided to use an umbrella basket for Easter baskets instead! This is a super cute way to store goodies.

umbrella basket for easter

What to Put in an Umbrella Easter Basket

Here are some ideas of what to put in an Easter basket for kids under ten: candy (obviously), books, bunny masks, walkie talkies, stickers and egg surprises.

Easter mason jars craft ideas for spring

In lieu of faux grass that typically resulted in a mess in my home, I used recycled tissue from previous gifts. None of my kids are going to notice 🙂

umbrella basket for easter

How do you gift during Easter? Check out some ideas on what you could do for a fun Easter basket below! Click on the links below to buy directly from Amazon.

Fun twist on a traditional Easter basket. Fill an umbrella with Easter goodies!


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