Snow Globe Party Favors Using Empty Jars

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Spring time is fun-filled with birthdays almost every month in the season for our family! Each child in our family has a DIFFERENT character that they love. So the party themes vary drastically from kid to kid. Ansley loves Trolls, Aubrey loves Disney’s Princesses and Conrad is obsessed with Paw Patrol.

As a mom of four kids that have birthdays within a three month span of each other, planning a party and getting coordinating themed party supplies can be time consuming. Fortunately, I love how I am a parent in the age of modern technology! I love how I can go to to purchase supplies for their birthday party without even leaving my house. Target’s online party supplies section is a one-stop shop for everything I need to plan the perfect get together. 

One thing I LOVE doing for parties is getting and/or making party favors and gifts for the attendees to take home as a thank you. I found a super fun gift that you can DIY that will have kids and adults alike going wild: a themed snow globe. It doesn’t have to be for the winter holiday seasons, it could be for any birthday during any month! Check out how I incorporated each of my kids’ favorite characters below.

Supplies for DIY Snow Globe

mason jar or spice jar or craft jar
glitter (heavy, not fine)
glycerin or baby oil (this will make the glitter fall slower)
hot glue gun
waterproof toys and figurines of Trolls, Disney Princesses or Paw Patrol
American Greeting party plates and napkins (to control the fun mess)

Directions for Making Snow Globes for a Party

Step 1 | Decorate the lid

Using the lid of the mason jar, spice jar or craft jar, determine what image you want to be the bottom of the snow globe.

Cut out the paper plate using the lid as a stencil.

Glue it on the lid of the mason jar.

Step 2 | Glue the Figurine

Hot glue the figurine onto the lid that will be facing into the jar.

Make sure it dries before moving onto the next step.

If you have room, add two or more figurines for double or triple the fun!

Step 3 | Fill with Water

Fill the jar with water. Add the glitter.

Next, add glycerin or baby oil to the water-filled jar. The glycerin (or baby oil) will allow the glitter to fall slower. 

Step 4 | Add Cap and Seal

Add the lid with the figurine back on.

Next, seal it underneath the side of the jar with hot glue.

Do not hot glue the top of the mouth of the jar, as the hot glue may dry and add gaps on the ring of the lid, causing water to spill.

Step 5 | Enjoy 

Isn’t this project easy?

The party go’ers will love the favors!

By ordering the party supplies as well as the mason jars online at, I was able to save A LOT of time!

Make things easy on yourself and get all the supplies you need for your kids next birthday party without leaving your house by visiting

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