DIY Fire Truck Costume Out of Boxes

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My kids LOVE everything to do with crafts and dressing up. While Halloween has just passed, it doesn’t mean that they can’t wear the costumes around the house throughout the year.

Out of my four kids, I have one boy. He’s the third in my crew. He LOVES anything that has to do with construction trucks, planes, police cars and fire trucks! Every time we drive pass one on the road, you can hear him calling out in the back of my car. My girls were the complete opposite – they didn’t like cars, they would rather dress up or do crafts!

Also, he has definitely shown me that potty training him is VERY different that potty training my girls. If I recall correctly, my girls were potty trained at around 15 months. With him, I’m not doing anything different, but he’s about two and a half years old and still not potty trained. We’re working VERY diligently – putting in place reward systems and recognition. Needless to say, we are going through diapers at a very rapid pace in this household. 

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With all those boxes of diapers, you’ve got to find a way to recycle them right? Well, like I mentioned, my little boy loves anything that has wheels. So we converted one of these boxes into a fire truck. What kid wouldn’t want to dress up as a fire truck any time of year? See below for the tutorial on how to create a DIY fire truck out of old boxes!

Supplies for the Fire Truck Costume

Huggies® empty diaper box (or any empty box)
red paint
construction paper or felt
heavy duty neon yellow tape
craft cutting machine (optional)

Directions for Making a Fire Truck Costume Out of Empty Boxes

Cutting and Painting the Empty Boxes

First, you want to cut off the flap of one side. On the other side, cut off the inner two flaps, then tape the remaining flaps together. Cut a hole that is wide enough to fit your child’s shoulder through. Next, paint it red. I three coats of acrylic paint to cover up the box.

Decorate the Sides of the Empty Box

After letting it dry, I started cutting out windows, ladders, lights and signs. I used my craftcutting machine to find some images that I liked, traced it and cut it out. You don’t need a craft cutting machine, just get creative.

For the wheel and tire, I cut the felt into a circle big enough to fit two of them on the side. I also used cushion cording that I had left over to glue it into a spiral for the fire truck’s fire hose. I added aluminium foil to the end after folding it into a cap triangle for the nozzle.

Attaching the Straps for the Fire Truck Box Costume

To create the strap, I took heavy duty tape and taped the sticky sides together. I then placed the box on my child with arms OVER the box to get the right measurement. Next, put the strap on the backside of the box with an X shape so that it will stay on! I used a stapler to attach the straps.

Here’s what the back should look like when it’s on:

The total cost of making this costume was next to nothing! Isn’t it the cutest? Can you believe I made it out of an empty diaper box?

Here’s each of the sides of our box design:

We’re keeping this in our playroom! To get your box, head on over to Sam’s Club for the Instant Savings on Huggies® diapers!


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