DIY Baby Name Pillow Tutorial

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I cannot believe my baby girl is already four months. She’s so darn cute! My favorite ages are the six to nine month range because they are not old enough to crawl anywhere or walk to wreak havoc on the house! 

These days, I have two babes in diapers! While I am trying to get one out of diapers (he’s two), the other one is just getting started. Our house can get a little stinky at times.

I’ve done a few posts about my favorite products for baby registries for newborn-to-3 months and 3-to-6 months, but I’m preparing my 6-to-9 month post shortly. One item that is DEFINITELY going to be added to that is the Playtex Baby™ Diaper Genie® Complete.

I have had various versions of the Playtex Baby™ Diaper Genie® from day one with each of my babies! They have come through time and time again. It has saved our house from the stinkiness that comes with those adorable little faces.

Did you know that the average baby goes through 9.6K diapers in their first three years? Gah! The Diaper Genie® brand is tried and true. I’m purchasing another one because I need one in baby girl’s room.

I love how the Diaper Genie pails are equipped with the Odor Lock System along with the charcoal diffuser on the lid.

Often, when people come over, they want to see our kids’ bedrooms and nurseries – so I love how it seals in odors and germs of my kids’ diapers.

If you have an expecting mom in your life, this should be on your list to get her. Target has an amazing deal right now.

You can buy one Playtex® Diaper Genie® Pail and receive a $5 Target GiftCard™ when shopping at Target’s Baby Sale 9/10-9/15.

Also, you can shop Target’s baby sale 9/10-9/15 to receive a $5 Target GiftCard™ with the purchase of two 2-Packs of Playtex® Diaper Genie® Refills.

If you are wanting to also give her something handmade, I’ve got just the ticket. I’ve been wanting to share with you one of my first projects with my craft cutting machine – a personalized baby name pillow! It is super cute and easy. It would be a great homemade baby gift for any friend or family member that is expecting a little one.


Materials Needed for Baby Name Pillow

pillow form
fabric for pillow form
heat transfer vinyl
craft cutter
rotary cutter
self healing mat
sewing machine

Steps for DIY Baby Name Pillow

Sewing the Pocket Pillow Case

Step 1 | Cut Out One Side of the Pillow

Figure out the size of your baby pillow. You will want to have a 1/2″ inseam, but also be able to allow the pillow form to squeeze in the pillow cover so it is nice and fluffy. My pillow form was 20″, but I cut my fabric into a 19″ square, which allowed me a half inch inseam all the way around to sew. I used a rotary cutter to cut to cut out my squares on a self-healing mat. If you don’t have one, these are the bee’s knees for crafting. You will definitely be using them again!

Step 2 | Cut Out the Pocket Side

This is a super easy pillow tutorial because you don’t even need to learn how to sew a zipper! This will be a pocket pillow. So what you’ll need to do is cut two additional pieces of fabric that will overlap, one should at least be 2/3 the width of the first fabric that you cut. For example, I cut out a 15″ x 19″ piece and a 6″ by 19″ piece. I would be very careful with your measurements. One of my first pocket pillows I did had a piece that was too short and did not overlap – this caused the pillow form to stick out and provide an unsightly pillow back.

My tip to you: If you have a salvage end, try not to cut that end. It will save you from having to sew another side!

Step 3 | Sew the Pocket Side

Hopefully, you have some salvage ends to save you some time. If not, no problem. You’ll want to pin your fabric 1/2″ and iron it down. Next, sew a straight line across near the cut end.

Do this for both small pieces on ONE END only.

Step 4 | Right Sides Facing Each Other

You’ll want to lay the fabric with the right sides facing each other.  If you have a salvage end, I recommend placing this as the middle layer. I would also recommend putting the longest length fabric on the pocket side on top.

Step 5 | Start Sewing

You’ll want to next pin down the fabric and start sewing a half inch seam down each of the four sides of the pillow.

Flip it inside out, and iron the corners and sides. You now have a pillow!

Creating the Heat Transfer Vinyl Design for Baby Name Pillow

Step 7 | Design Your Name 

I used the Ink Blossom font to create my laurel wreath and name. I added the word “Established XXXX” in a typewriter font.

Once you design it, make sure you flip it on the horizontal access because it will be cutting a mirrored image of it.

If your cutting mat is not as big as your pillow, use the cutting tool in your software to cut it into two pieces like I did for this pillow.

Step 8 | Get Your Heat Transfer Vinyl Ready

Do a test cut and try to weed that test cut. This is very important. Heat transfer vinyl can be expensive, so its best to test with a smaller spot before going in and realizing the depth was not set appropriately.

Make sure you smooth out all the bubbles in your vinyl after putting the mat with the hard clear side down on the adhesive side of the cutting mat. 

Step 9 | Weed Your Vinyl

Weed your vinyl very carefully, especially around the small letters. Make sure you do each section very carefully.

If you had two cuts, overlap the designs before you start ironing them on.

Step 10 | Use Heat to Transfer Vinyl, Peel

Follow the manufacturers instruction for the heat transfer vinyl. Some you can iron and peel cold versus hot. They are also all different even if it’s the same manufacturer, but the difference is the vinyl color. You are done!

Isn’t this pillow darling? It would pair well in any nursery!

Obviously, it is a decorative pillow – who doesn’t love that?

It looks great in Lorelei’s room for sure. Be sure to check out Target for the deal on what I just laid out was the best investment for your nose during the baby years!

Pin the image below and save it to your craft board for future reference.



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