Birth Announcement for Lorelei

My little Lorelei was born about four weeks ago. For our newest bundle of joy, I decided to hire out Anna-Marie Photography even though I myself am a newborn photographer. With my past experience of capturing photos of my clients as well as my other kids, it would be a 3-4 hour session if I were to do it myself. For me, it was worth it to hire another photographer (an amazing one at that) to capture the newest member of our family.

However, one thing I do with every child consistently is send out a baby announcement! I know, these days everyone does baby announcements on social media. However, I LOVE getting followup baby announcements via snail mail. There is something about getting a physical announcement card with beautiful pictures of the baby!

I have been thoroughly obsessed with Minted’s new luxe line of custom foil birth announcements.

They have a huge lineup of gorgeous cards made by independent artists that you won’t find anywhere else. Just look at that beautiful gold foil detail on Lorelei’s announcement!

They also offer FREE recipient addressing and they keep it on file for you! Since I ordered our Christmas booklet cards last year, they kept my addresses in the system. There was no need for me to upload anything else. All I had to do was update addresses (which were then saved).

I also took advantage of their ability to print the return address on the envelopes as well.

I also saved a trip to the post office by ordering matching stamps with Lorelei’s picture on it. Overall, the ordering process and quality of the cards surpassed my expectation! 

I had Aubrey help me stuff the envelopes to send out the announcements.

Normally, sending out announcements and holiday cards took me hours because I had to hand address, stuff and stamp them myself. With Minted pre-printing my recipient list, return address and providing the stamps and an older daughter helping me, this process when ten times faster!

I also keep two announcements for their baby book and a frame for their room.

I’m in love with these announcement cards and my little lovie!

Check out, their catalog of gorgeous birth announcements – especially their foil pressed birth announcements!

Gorgeous gold foil birth announcements. The company will print our recipient address for free as well as your return address for an additional cost. @Minted


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