Quickbooks for Bloggers – Overview of My Workflow

I know that that my fellow bloggers and photographers are creatives, and number crunching is the last thing on their minds! That’s why I did a quick scope on it. I WANT to TEACH YOU how to use QuickBooks so you can figure out where to spend your time and BE profitable. I love getting into the details on QuickBooks for bloggers and photographers. If there is enough interest (I’m judging by the amount of questions I get and replays I get), I’ll record a few series on my set up.

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I am not a CPA nor am I a lawyer. I’m just a working mom who works a 9-5 corporate job who LOVES crunching numbers and ensuring I know where my TIME is going and where to focus it so I can spend more time on things that bring me money in my side hustle (so I don’t have to justify my furniture vice of spending $500 on a mirror that sits on my mantle – no judgement please).

I’m a total nerd and LOVE crunching numbers for my business! I will admit, its a little hard to understand IF you don’t have someone who is in your niche that can walk you through how to set up Quickbooks.

The software I’m using is the Quickbooks Desktop for Mac. PC users will have a interface that is ever-so-slightly different, but the concepts are the same. Buy it so you are prepared the next time I post and have a video series on it!

DO NOT use QuickBooks Online. My CPA advised against it because it is not as flexible (some of the reports that I show on the replay do not show up as well). While it is great to have it in the cloud and on the go, its not so great when you need to crunch numbers for the reports that you need.

quickbooks for bloggers

Workflow for a Blogger Using Quickbooks

Software Used: Quickbooks Desktop for Mac

Again, I want to hear your questions about how I have it set up or anything you want me to go in detail on.

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