Buying Pre-Owned DSLR and Lenses for Bloggers and Photographers

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With my photography business, I am all about having the right gear for the job. When I first started out,  I was bootstrapping it only because I thought I HAD to get everything brand new. To get NEW good stuff cost an arm and a leg.

Now, with a decade of photography experience under my belt, I’ve realized that good gear can be quite affordable and in excellent condition when purchased used.

However, you have to be smart about purchasing used gear. When I was starting out, I had no idea what to even check for when buying used equipment. Heck, I never even brought my DSLR to even check the camera lens I was purchasing – that could have been a huge mistake on my part. If you purchase your equipment off of classified listings or crowdsourcing marketplaces, you really don’t know if the equipment is working up to par.

I wish I would have known about KEH – it is a used camera and photography equipment store that guarantees all of their used equipment to work (unless it is marked “As Is”). Their gear is carefully inspected by experts who can also help you find the right gear.

You can also sell gear that you don’t want on KEH as well as exchange it for cash or towards near gear.

Going on KEH is easy. Just click on SHOP or SELL and input the name of the product you are looking for.

If you like to window shop, you can use the top left “Shop Gear” to see what’s available. I love going on their site and then price shopping on open marketplaces as well as other big name stores. I find that KEH has everyday low prices on pre-owned equipment hands down.

The other day, I found my receipt for my first DSLR and saw that we paid over $1,500 at a big box store for a crop sensor DSLR package deal with zoom lenses. As I looked at the price tag, I knew I had been had for the price of the equipment new. 

A decade later, I’ve purchased my equipment pre-owned at a deal now that I had KEH to price compare. I am a huge PRIME shooter. Prime lenses obviously are a little more expensive than zoom lenses, but can be had at a really great price on KEH. Of these lenses, only ONE of them was purchased new! 

I’m also on the hunt for an additional DSLR for backup. As a wedding photographer, I try to ensure that I have backup equipment – you never know what may happen in the heat of the moment.

Also, my husband has been borrowing my DSLR to do timelapses for his hunting videos. 

On KEH, I found a 5D Mark II for under $800 used! I love that KEH lists the condition as well as their guarantee for any pre-owned equipment they sell so that I can have peace of mind purchasing.

You and I can also get 7% off your orders through the end of July on all of KEH’s used products using code LUCKY7.

In other great news with KEH – with all SELL quotes, KEH will offer an additional 5% bonus every day if they choose KEH Cash/Gift Card as their payment method.

You don’t have to save up a bunch to buy good equipment. Pre-owned equipment can be found daily with every day low prices at


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