Blogging for Beginners – Resources and Education

blogging for beginners education and resources

For those that are trying to make their way into blogging as a business, I’m sharing with you my favorite places for free and paid education. I started my blog in 2009 as a fun and creative outlet, but didn’t really turn it into a business venture until late 2014. I’ve been learning from MULTIPLE outlets along the way, and I wanted to share those resources with you. For me, blogging is a side hustle, so most of these resources are places are just-in-time learning for me.

Some of the links in this post are for affiliate products I personally use and love, which means I will earn a small portion of any sale with no additional cost to you whatsoever.

Facebook Groups for Bloggers

There are TON of Facebook Groups that you can join. Some are educational and others are for getting followers/likes. Here are my top THREE favorites:

Fundamentals of Blogging
Gina Luker from the Shabby Creek Cottage runs this group. It used to be called Blogging Over Breakfast. I found it when Periscope first came out. I’m glad I did because this community has morphed 10-fold. I’ve learned so much from this community!

Blogtalk 2.0
This community has some amazing bloggers in it sharing tips and tricks from tenured bloggers in the field! I love the transparency and helpfulness of this community!

Blogger Podcasts

This will be a lengthy list. My drive to work currently runs about 40 minutes. I listen to all of these podcasts at 2x speed. I have learned SO MUCH in the car for my blogging side hustle.

Smart Passive Income
I would listen to the first 100 initial podcast because Pat’s story from being laid off to making his blog a success is inspiring. The very first few podcasts also have some really good actionable tips. His most recent podcasts appear to be a lot of interviews with others, which I don’t find as actionable for me. I would say focus on the first 100 podcasts to get inspired.

Ask Pat
This is a spinoff of the one above, but where people ask Pat questions and he answers. I like that it is only 10 minutes and are quick learning sessions.

ProBlogger Podcast: Blog Tips to Help You Make Money Blogging
I really enjoy this podcast because it walks you through how Darren’s workflow is for each topic.

SEO Podcast Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing
I’ve learned SO MUCH about SEO and love the fact that these two play off each other. They are quirky, but I come away with some fun facts as well as education about SEO, which at first seemed daunting, but they’ve made it easy to understand.

Social Media Examiner Show
I love this show because Michael is such a good interview. Most of these podcasts are interviews with people who know their stuff, and then Michael asks them deep reaching questions – not just surface level questions. Some of my favorites have been on how to use Google Analytics and SEO. My favorite part about the podcast is in the first few minutes, he shares with his audience a quick and dirty about a new tool that can help bloggers out!

Build Your Tribe
I love the energy that Chalene brings to her podcast. It’s educational, motivational and everything in between. This Queen Bee in fitness has also become a social media guru – and she shares in the most down to earth way how she became successful and how others can too!

Blogger Conferences

I will admit, I have only gone to local blogger conferences. However, the ones I have been eyeing are:

Haven Conference
This is geared towards bloggers are are in the DIY and home decor space. I am obsessed with this conference and am waiting until my littles are a little older before I go. I’ve heard nothing but good things about this conference!

This is geared towards crafters. I hear that there are so many opportunities here to learn from brands and tenured bloggers.

With a small family of littles, I haven’t ventured to any of the ones that are out of state. If you are in Kansas City, I would recommend the following:

Go Blog Social
While I didn’t learn as much in the weeds at this conference, I did take away relationships that I wouldn’t otherwise have had. Think of it as a social networking event where you get to meet likeminded people.

Blogtalk 2.0
Some of the biggest names of bloggers are in this group. I love the fact that everyone shares their knowledge about the industry and is transparent with everything. This is a tight knit community and I love how everyone is so very helpful!

blogging for beginners education and resources

Online Courses
I LOVE this site because it has tutorial videos that are made by professionals. With, I’ve learned everything I needed to know in terms of SEO, Adobe Illustrator, Google Adsense, and WordPress. While it is an investment, it is something you can refer to. The annual subscription is just over $100, but well worth the investment in terms of how much you learn.

Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers
Tasha from Designer Trapped talks about how she has been successful with affiliate marketing! Using her course, I have been able to use her techniques to drive more affiliate sales! This course is truly worth it!

Blog Goals
I purchased this as a bundle and haven’t looked back since. You get so much education in this course from different bloggers with different expertise in all aspects of blogging.

The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit
This one is going to be on sale on October 4-9. You could spend hours researching every aspect of blogging to try to figure out what changes you need to make. However, you don’t have to. This is hands down the best investment I’ve ever made. It has TONS of educational material that you can learn at your leisure!

Begin Your Blog

If you are anything like me, you may be a consumer of education. I’ve realized too often, that is my downfall. You need to take action. All this education is for naught if you don’t DO something with it.

If you use any of these resources, comment below as I’d love to hear how you have applied your education!

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