Best Entry Level DSLR for Bloggers

Over lunch this week, I did a scope with my friend Mike from 4Honor Photography to talk about the best entry level DSLR for bloggers.

best entry level dslr for bloggers

Before I became a blogger, I was a family and wedding photographer. I got my start when my husband, Ryan, first gave me a DSLR in 2008. At the time, I had no idea what a DSLR was and how to use the fancy buttons on my new camera.

With the analytical brain that I had, I researched everything about DSLRs and camera equipment. It opened up a whole new world for me. I got advice from the forum, which is an amazing community for new and experienced photographers. That’s where I met Mike, who is a wedding photographer in the Kansas City area. He is not only talented, but he is a self-proclaimed nerd when it comes to the technical side of photography. While Mike runs his own wedding/videography business, he is also highly sought after by other amazing photographers as a second shooter for their own gigs. That’s why he’s my go-to person when I have questions about my gear or techniques.

If you are a blogger or beginner photographer, watch our Periscope below on replay via to learn what equipment we recommend if you are beginning your photography journey.  We talk through the best entry level DSLR body, lenses that you can start out with and when to upgrade your gear.

With both of us, we give two different perspectives to provide you different considerations and viewpoints as you start out. Mike talks about some of the best equipment out there as a professional wedding photographer. In the same context, I talk through some other considerations from a blogger point of view to think about.

Below are links to products that we recommended on the scope. These are products we LOVE and actualy use. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

For photography equipment especially, I love Adorama because they are reputable and have the lowest prices. In addition, they have 1 to 3 day expedited shipping! Honestly, the one thing I will not buy from Amazon is photography equipment because I want to ensure that shipping and handling is taken into FULL consideration. Typically, photography stores will ensure that shipping is handled with the utmost care. Stores that are targeted to photographers realize the importance of this, thus are more likely to handle your new purchase/investment with consideration to ensuring that the packaging has enough bubble wrap so that the mechanical pieces don’t get messed up during shipping.

Okay, onto the recommendations for beginners looking to get started. I am a Canon user, so you can find the equivalent lineup for Nikon on Adorama:

Best Entry Level DSLR:

Canon Rebel (body only) – $649
Canon Rebel T6i DSLR (body only) – $749
Canon 60d (body only) – $1,199

Best Entry Level Lens:

Canon 50 1.8 (also known as fantastic plastic or nifty fifty) – $110

What We Actually Have:

Canon 5D Mark III (yes, its expensive) – $2,249
Canon 50d (replaced by Canon 60d) – $1,199

Mike’s Favorite Lens:

Canon 70-200 2.8L – $2,099
Remember, he’s a wedding photographer. If you are a blogger, you do NOT need this lens.

Seng’s Favorite Lens for Blogging (in order of preference):

Canon 35L – $999 (There is a mark II version that’s double the price. Mark II just mean is a second “better” version at a higher price point because its the latest edition. However, for what I do, I think the first one is sufficient for blogging, portraits and wedding photography).
Canon 50L – $1,449

Seng’s Favorite Lens for Family Portraits:

Canon 135L – This is the one that I talked about that has creamy color and incredible bokeh.

Other websites we mentioned: – I use this site’s buying/selling forums to buy lenses. Mike does not. I’ve found amazing deals for lenses. You just have to be careful and choose your sellers wisely.
Adorama – Love using them for all of my photography equipment purchases when buying NEW!

Here’s my full post on what I carry in my camera bag to family portraits, weddings and my every day camera.


On a more personal note, Mike and I go way back. As one of my first gigs, he “let me” be his assistant for this engagement shoot and two weddings. Unpaid. Best experiences are unpaid right?

If you get a chance, I would recommend hooking up with a photographer and doing the same. You get paid in spades through not only your experience with them, but the relationship and networks that you develop over time. Mike has helped me tremendously in my side hustle. I’m so glad I took him on his offer to talk at a coffee shop offline from (I know, creepy factor for meeting someone offline to online – I let my husband know where I was going to be 🙂 )

In addition, at this time, I would like to thank my husband, Ryan, for finding a hobby that I love, which has allowed me to use both my left brain to run a business and right brain to let me creativity flourish!

Do you have a DSLR? Are you a Nikon or Canon shooter? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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