Best Christmas Gift Idea for the Bride in Your Life


With 38% of engagements occurring between November and February, I know that there are tons of guys looking to make this holiday extra special.  And for those who have proposed and are planning their big day, I’m sharing what every bride would LOVE to have: a pair of Tieks for their wedding day!

For that gorgeous bride-to-be or friend you are wanting to gift for the holiday, all brides would love a pair of Tieks! What are Tieks? They are the best, most comfortable flats EVER made. I’m not even kidding. I wrote about them here and here. So why would a bride-to-be want a pair for the holidays? As a wedding photographer, I’ve been to over a hundred weddings. I’ve also been to back to back to back family shoots chasing kids for hours on end.

I know that at the beginning of the day, when the bride slips on her gorgeous beautiful heels, that is probably the most comfortable those shoes (that they have worn for probably less than 8 hours) have ever felt on them. After she put on her dress and those shoes, she will have been on her feet for 12 hours (maybe a total of half an hour to drive to photo shoot locations). 12 hours in heels. That is, unless you get her a pair of these most amazing ballet flats!

These beautiful flats are amazing – especially during a wedding day. They really ought to call them the best wedding flats ever.


How great are these?! #weddingflats #amandaandgary

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Some brides I know have taken it to the next level and have gotten their bridesmaids these shoes as gifts (talk about the most amazing bride ever!) while having their own in a contrasting color.

Tieks by Gavrieli - The Ballet Flat, Reinvented. They come in SO MANY different colors.

So if you are a hubs-to-be, here’s a few steps to the most thoughtful gift ever for your bride-to-be. 1. Find out what your wedding colors are. 2. Find a Tieks color that matches the wedding color scheme. 3. Figure out her shoe size (find a flat if possible). Round up in shoe size. 4. Wrap and gift. 5. Thank me for the sweet kiss you’ll get.


Dear husband….these will make me happy๐Ÿ’๐Ÿป #tieks A photo posted by Gina Mester (@gina.mester) on

Now, if your lady doesn’t like the flash of the colors, you can buy the White Rose Tieks that are amazing and would look good with any dress.

If there is anyone that deserves an extra special gift this Christmas, its the bride who is planning the big day! Whether youโ€™re still in the midst of planning, or if your wedding has been and gone, itโ€™s always nice to celebrate the wifey or wife-to-be this holiday!

Check out Tieks by Gavrieli here. And if you are feeling giving, buy me a pair in Romantic Blush Tieks.

Merry Christmas!


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