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Whether you are starting or growing your business, I’m here to help you understand YOUR potential.

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Even with my full-time job as a healthcare IT project manager, I have been able to grow my 10-hour-per-week side business into a secondary income stream that was able to furnish our completely empty home in less than a year! You can do it too.

I’m here to share with you my journey with lessons learned along the way. When my husband handed me a DSLR in 2009, what he didn’t realize is that he opened up this entrepreneurial spirt that I didn’t know I had until that moment in time. From running my family photography business and growing my blog as an advertising/sponsored channel, I have marked “owning my own business” off of my bucket list.

I find that my weakness is that I have this unbridled love of learning that sometimes prohibits me from acting. So as I write posts on running the business or digital media/strategy, I’m going to give you direct action items that you should complete.

Don’t learn to do. But learn in doing. – Samuel Butler

I hope that this inspires you to help on your own journey of entrepreneurship.