Sengerson is a blog that shares a modern, working parent’s love for her new family, fun kid activities and projects, DIY home renovations, time-saving home management/organization tips, and exciting new gadgets/technology for the home. If you are interested in targeting this audience made up of mainly dual income families, we may be an awesome fit! Let’s rock your social media channels with a little help from Sponsorship is an effective and viral way to promote your brand/shop/business/blog to this amazing audience of modern parents.

Authenticity characterizes all of Sengerson’s social media services. By helping sponsored brands/shops/businesses/blogs to be themselves on social channels, the return is the ability genuinely connect with your fans all through organic growth!

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Sengerson Growth

Sengerson continues to grow in amazing ways since I first started blog in 2009. I feel very blessed to have amazing readership and a loyal community. I work very hard to produce quality content that reflects my passion and style.

Advertising is amazingly easy!

Please contact me here or email me at [email protected]. Make sure you ask for my media kit!

Where Your Investment Goes

Sengerson uses all sponsorship income to purchase ads on much larger blogs. This directly increases the traffic and exposure to my blog…which means it’s funneled directly back in to helping YOU as a brand!


Sponsor selection and approval is at the discretion of Sengerson to ensure that our brands have similar aesthetics and audiences. Please note that I reserve the right to reject potential sponsors that do not match the vision of Sengerson, promote violence, are not family friendly or sell/advertise products or services that do not match my blog’s readership.