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    • A Garden on a Hill

      A Garden on a Hill

      Apr. 23, 2014

      Our indoor projects have been put to a halt because we've been enjoying this awesome weather. The studio bathroom paint job, living room paint job, ba...

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    • Selling a Home

      Selling a Home

      Feb. 29, 2012

      Finally. After two years. We have sold our house!The back story: Before the hubs and I were married (2007), he had wanted to buy a house. Why he d...

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    • DIY No Sew Tutu

      DIY No Sew Tutu

      July 13, 2011

      A tutu - one of the cutest things you can buy for a baby girl to wear. Its also a big expenditure as well - unless of course you DIY! At a high end bo...

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    • They Grow Like Weeds

      They Grow Like Weeds

      Dec. 17, 2011

      Yesterday, I had sent two pictures of Ansley to my friend Eric. The first one was of her only a few hours old. The second one was of her now. He said,...

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    • . . . and we're walking

      . . . and we're walking

      Mar. 22, 2012

      Ansley is now officially walking. Yes. She officially started walking at nine months. She's now been walking for four weeks - her legs are getting str...

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    • Shatto Milk Tour

      Shatto Milk Tour

      Aug. 4, 2014

      Since Ryan's begun his health kick at the end of last year, he's been investing much of our funds in healthier eating. One of them is an investment in...

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    • Rule Breaker

      Rule Breaker

      Sept. 17, 2010

      I patiently waited on my new lens purchase. Very patiently. Then, the UPS man told me that I had a window of when he would show up. An EIGHT hour wind...

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    • Surprise Jayme and Mark

      Surprise Jayme and Mark

      July 18, 2011

      Lainey and Cassie threw one of my college friends' a surprise adoption party! Jayme and Mark - the ultimate couple. They are the nicest and most kind ...

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    • Baby Ansley

      Baby Ansley

      Oct. 20, 2011

      Its been so long since I've posted! Baby girl is asleep right now as I am typing. Hubby is working on his duck boat and getting it ready for its first...

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    • Pettiskirts and Tutus

      Pettiskirts and Tutus

      Jan. 15, 2014

      If you have a little girl turning one, you might think about getting a photographer for a cake smash (also known as smash cake) session. To top that o...

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    • KC Blogger Meetup Recap

      KC Blogger Meetup Recap

      June 23, 2014

      I was so excited to be invited to the most recent KC Blogger Meetup! The KC Blogger Meetup Group is a community of Kansas City bloggers who meet up re...

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