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    • Six Year Anniversary

      Six Year Anniversary

      May 14, 2015

      Who would have thought that in 2003 when I decided to take over someone's lease over the summer in college, I would be meeting the man of my dreams? A...

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    • DIY Custom Lamp Shade

      DIY Custom Lamp Shade

      May 12, 2015

      When I decorate a room, I already have a sense of what kind of feel I want for the room. More often than not, I'll have an idea of exactly what I want...

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    • No More Man Cave!

      No More Man Cave!

      Sept. 7, 2012

      After a long wait, our family now has an actual HOUSE! Woot woot. If you recall, our first home was a huge shop with living quarters (e.g. a man ...

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    • Selling a Home

      Selling a Home

      Feb. 29, 2012

      Finally. After two years. We have sold our house!The back story: Before the hubs and I were married (2007), he had wanted to buy a house. Why he d...

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